October’s Critical Mass.

October's Critical Mass.

A photo from the beginning of last month’s ride.

See you all there again on 30th November. 6pm!


Comparing cycling in the UK and the Netherlands

I have no more information about this…

Rideout poster

Hey, we made the news! In a positive way!

Mass of Cyclists before the Squinty Bridge

Critical Mass rides aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. Some drivers find them frustrating if they’re in a rush, while police aren’t always aware they’re even happening.

But over the past year, Glasgow’s group ride has become a regular fixture.

Meeting in George Square on the last Friday of each month, the ride attracts commuters, first-timers, parents with their children and a lot of students….

Read More ( http://local.stv.tv/glasgow/magazine/97375-the-george-square-night-riders-reclaiming-citys-streets/ )

GU Climate Week

GU Climate Week

Night-time mass cycle from Glasgow University around the west end to raise awareness of the Petition to encourage Glasgow University to become more cycle friendly. 14th March 2012

Sign the petition here:

Student Questionnaire

If you are willing to take part to this survey please send the answers back to chiaratirone@gmail.com, also specifying your sex, age and occupation.
There will be no publication of private information or data, if not on specific request.
Anyway this study is not to be diffused for commercial purposes nor other than educational ones.
If you also have any tips or queries just get back to me, I would be very happy to get in contact with the glaswegian cycling world.


How often do you cycle?

How do you usually choose the route to follow?

What kind of bike do you use?

Do you wear any protective gear (e.g. helmet, reflectors etc.)?

Do you feel safe when you cycle in the city of Glasgow?

Are you satisfied with the quality of space for cycling in Glasgow?

If not, what do you think that could be done to improve the current situation?

Do you think that the City Council is concerned enough for bicycle traffic in terms of urban planning?





Assemble from 2200hrs (that’s 10 o’clock at night) in the car park of the John McIntyre Building of Glasgow University

(it’s the building just inside the Main Gates at the TOP of the hill)

Ending at The Kinning Park Complex at about midnight

FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE: http://www.facebook.com/events/188252364618051/

Part of Glasgow University’s “Climate Week”