Flyer 2 – Crazy, No?


3 Responses to “Flyer 2 – Crazy, No?”

  1. netmover Says:

    What about making a flyer that has a short bullet list of points regarding the event on the back?

    I.e.: no red lights, stay in a lane as a group etc.

  2. James Says:

    This is resource if you want to make your own flyers, you can put whatever you want on the back, getting some consensus on what is and is not acceptable behaviour would be brilliant given the differing opinions in the past

  3. yahoo.Com Says:

    I actually tend to go along with all the things that is written throughout Window Treatment “Flyer 2 –
    Crazy, No? | Glasgow Critical Mass”. Thanks a lot for all of the actual tips.

    Thank you,Estela

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