Student Questionnaire

If you are willing to take part to this survey please send the answers back to, also specifying your sex, age and occupation.
There will be no publication of private information or data, if not on specific request.
Anyway this study is not to be diffused for commercial purposes nor other than educational ones.
If you also have any tips or queries just get back to me, I would be very happy to get in contact with the glaswegian cycling world.


How often do you cycle?

How do you usually choose the route to follow?

What kind of bike do you use?

Do you wear any protective gear (e.g. helmet, reflectors etc.)?

Do you feel safe when you cycle in the city of Glasgow?

Are you satisfied with the quality of space for cycling in Glasgow?

If not, what do you think that could be done to improve the current situation?

Do you think that the City Council is concerned enough for bicycle traffic in terms of urban planning?



First Daylight Ride of the Year!!!

Thanks to everyone that came this evening and made it such a good ride. I can’t stress enough what a pleasure it was to have a nice tight ride without unnecessary provocation or aggro.

Conversation on the ride and and afterwards was pretty productive, leading to the following suggestions:

  • I should get myself organised and post up the flyers I have been banging on about
  • We need to have a masterclass on “corking” “the dynamic of Mass motion” so the uber-cyclists can ride as fast as they want without leaving the pack behind
  • there may have been other stuff but I was drinking and very tired…

I’ll try and get a flyer up in the next 24 hours if possible, then get some information on corking up. Then maybe even a flyer on corking, who knows? The sky’s the limit.

UPDATE – There was also a ten minute conversation on traffic light sequencing, focusing on how to AVOID going through on red, which someone has misreported as “rules regarding when to run a red light”

Since this is such a wallbanger I’ll do another post on just this topic, covering what we talked about, but not just yet as I’ve gone a bit mental with the posts in the last 24 hours.