First Daylight Ride of the Year!!!

Thanks to everyone that came this evening and made it such a good ride. I can’t stress enough what a pleasure it was to have a nice tight ride without unnecessary provocation or aggro.

Conversation on the ride and and afterwards was pretty productive, leading to the following suggestions:

  • I should get myself organised and post up the flyers I have been banging on about
  • We need to have a masterclass on “corking” “the dynamic of Mass motion” so the uber-cyclists can ride as fast as they want without leaving the pack behind
  • there may have been other stuff but I was drinking and very tired…

I’ll try and get a flyer up in the next 24 hours if possible, then get some information on corking up. Then maybe even a flyer on corking, who knows? The sky’s the limit.

UPDATE – There was also a ten minute conversation on traffic light sequencing, focusing on how to AVOID going through on red, which someone has misreported as “rules regarding when to run a red light”

Since this is such a wallbanger I’ll do another post on just this topic, covering what we talked about, but not just yet as I’ve gone a bit mental with the posts in the last 24 hours.


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