September CM and DIY festival

Good to be back, and I hope my bossiness didn’t get on too many nerves!

Friday was a pretty good ride, very civil, and I was impressed at how well everyone was behaved (drivers and cyclists), with the glaring exception of the Bridge Street incident. I’m only going to say that it only happened because people got a bit ambitious and tried to shut down a five lane road with too few people in the Mass, and unpleasantness was the consequence.

Turnout was pretty good, possibly because we were enlisted in the DIY festival (we didn’t mind, but SOMEBODY could have mentioned it surely?) Also kudos to anyone that did some flyering. Next month we should have some new students showing up, once they’ve settled in and got bikes.

Finally, we got talking in the pub about the lack of bike racks around Glasgow, and we may have a plan for next month…. [evil grin]


2 Responses to “September CM and DIY festival”

  1. Peter Says:

    It seems people are out to annoy car drivers by the above comment. this is why i have not been on a CM in Glasgow for almost a year now, as it has happened before. In the past it has led to cars trying to weave through the mass to the endanegerment of cyclists and i feel that if drivers are feeling annoyed, they may take it out on cyclists they see in the future, making the CM completely counter productive.

    Riders must remember that car drivers are the people that we want our side and the aim is not to deliberately annoy them. We need them to join us!

    Stay as a group of cyclists and look after each other, even if it means taking up less of the road. Then more cyclists may join. If its dangerous, like has happened a few times or theres a minority out to deliberately block traffic causing ill feeling amongst road users, it wont be an attractive proposition to join.

    Safety is paramount, its not a protest… i hope this stops and i feel confident about coming out on the mass again.. im off work last friday of next month… considering coming along, but we ALL need to promote cycling to all road users, not wind other users up and take on more than what the mass can achieve.

  2. james Says:

    Hi Peter, I’m sorry if behaviour on previous masses has discouraged you, I too have been very discouraged in the past. But this month’s ride was very nice dispite that one incident, with everyone being very well behaved.

    It’s good that you’re thinking of joining the mass again and I look forward to seeing you. Remember, every nice person on the ride is one more nice person, and one less wanker. 🙂

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