2009’s First ‘Mass’

Happy New Year!

After December’s non-existent Critical Mass (it was Boxing Day after all), Glasgow’s Critical Mass was back, on January the 30th. While the weather wasn’t too bad, a small showing led to a speedy ride, straight to the Halt on Woodlands Road. A round (or 4) later, the ‘Mass’ parted ways, in good spirits for next month.

Speaking of which, this is a handy time to approach the question, ‘Is cycling drunk illegal?’. Details found here. Short answer: surprisingly, sometimes yes. It’s not the alcohol, it’s being unable to control your vehicle. But you can’t be forced to be breathalysed or have a blood sample taken. But then if you’re that drunk, would you really risk it?

Also, a link has been added to the Facebook Group, for all those with facebook profiles to keep in touch about Critical Mass related things.

PS: Interesting article concerning recent news about road cycling safety. Contrary to recent ‘surveys’ cycling has not got more dangerous since the increase in cycling due to the ‘credit crunch’ and as statistics show – an increase in cycling means a reduction in cycling accidents.


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