October Ride Report

Sorry for the delay in posting a ride report, but better late than never.

Despite the horrific cold, eventually about 20 folk turned up to brave the weather, some in some very dashing fancy dress! We got a good response from the public as we cycled up St. Vincent street and along Sauchiehall Street towards Partick.

The ride stopped at 78 to warm up, have some drinks and some chat (although unfortunately the railings are now gone in front, so lots of bikes were attached to the same lampost or the Church railings – not very handy!).

It was a short ride (only about 30 mins but felt longer because of the cold!), but numbers were up slightly from last month and the waves etc from the on-lookers were encouraging.

NB: Next ride is 28th November


One Response to “October Ride Report”

  1. Judith Macdonald Says:

    When is the next critical mass. I am doing a dissertation for my community education degree asking “what role can community education play to promote cycling as a mode of transport”. I am a keen A to B cyclist and would love to get involved!

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