September Ride Report

A short but sweet ride on Friday. There was a small increase on numbers from last month and it made all the difference – the Mass was a far more cohesive group, and avoiding Clyde Street made for a far more pleasant ride. Lots of great fancy dress with Top-hats, pirate hats and giant bicycle riding fruit galore!!! Some more fixed & single speed riders turned up, showing off some very nice bikes, which was great. We stuck within the city centre and ended up at the CCA for drinks.

Next Critical Mass is Hallowe’en! So everybody get their collective heads together to make this one a bit special! If anyone who’s not on the mailing list has some ideas to share or wants to try and arrange something for next month, get in touch via a comment to this post and we’ll endeavour to get you added to the mailing list.

Remember next CM: 31st October meet ~ 5.30pm for 6pm set off


2 Responses to “September Ride Report”

  1. John Schofield Says:

    Glad september CM went well – I’m hoping to come up from Dumfries for next one – so can you put me on the mailing list and please give me an email should it be cancelled, otherwise it’s a long journey!!

  2. Paul Houlihan Says:

    Story on the BBC news site reminded me about you guys ( I’ve never been on a critical mass but I’ve always meant to come along.

    Get me added to the mailing list!

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