Though September Critical Mass may be less than a couple of weeks away, thought it was better late than never to stick up a couple of photos from August.

A few familiar faces and a couple of fresh ones joined August Critical Mass. Following a route that mostly mirrored last month’s ride we headed down Clyde Street, crossing the express-way via the re-opened overpass, before stopping for drinks at the Goat on Argyle Street, on what turned out to be one of the best nights we’d seen all month.

I think the consensus was that having been a bit chaotic on Clyde Street (a road where CM has met hassle before), that next month trying a different route would be a good idea. Still, a nice evening and good chats with people at the pub afterwards.

Setting off from George Square

Setting off from George Square

This is where we meet: GEORGE SQUARE.

When: Last Friday of every month

Time: 1730, for a ~ 1800 set off.

Circling George Square

Circling George Square

…and circling George Square, picking up any stragglers busy chatting…

Remember, next Critical Mass is the 26th of September!


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