May 25th, 5:30pm, George Sq, !!Bring your Bike to be Blessed!!

Who do you turn to when you no longer can cycle safely in the city?
The police? The Council? The Prime Minister?
No … we need something bigger. We need the most powerful force to protect our bikes on our journey through the city on the next Critical Mass bike ride. This is why we will be calling upon the All Mighty Lord to bless all of our self-propelled vehicles. Amen! A Divine Intervention will ensure our safety so we will be blessing the bikes with our holly waters, chanting holly hymns from the holly Bike Bible. Hallelujah! For it is the bikes that have been sent down from the heavens to save us and our burning planet. Amen!

Come all, bring your children and your parents, join the merry sounds of the Critical Mass.


There is a growing cycling culture in Glasgow that is not being addressed by the Glasgow city council. Although the bike is by far the quickest, most efficient and environmentally friendly means of getting around in the city, there are hardly any bike facility, bike lanes are paired up taxis and buses and the list goes on.

Although the city council claims that there are up to “375km of identified cycle route” ( the majority of them are no longer than a couple of hundred meters before they get cut by a road, a building, or a parking lot.


Critical Mass, Urban Playground, Glasgow Kiss, The Weird Bike Show, and more

What to expect?

Well you should expect a safe and peaceful bike ride with other jolly cyclists, spontaneous interventions and a safe look into experiencing the city on a self propelled vehicle. As well a, a Giant Priest, a sound system on wheels, some weird bikes, a rickshaw, and much much more.


4 Responses to “BIG BIKE BLESSING”

  1. aalya Says:

    Hello, I’m a researcher for a news and current affairs show on BBC Radio Scotland. I’m organising a piece about cycling becoming more political these days for monday and would like to speak to someone involved in Critical Mass events. If anyone is interested e-mail me at

  2. COCO Says:

    There’s a critical mass EVERY month in Vancouver.
    Come on!!! i brought my ‘pure’ vintage road bike back from there and would like to ride on the roads without abuse!!!

  3. Laurent Says:

    If I may, I just found this Critical Mass website:
    I think this Critical Mass is just starting and it would be great if you could publicize them a bit!


  4. matt_on_wheels Says:

    Oh yeah….Im ready to exersize the deamons (and my legs)
    Praise the lord, Bless the bike

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