Get Swarming

swarm-banner.jpgGCM isn’t just people reclaiming the road on bikes. It’s part of wider idea of creativity and purposeful possibilities –

“There is commotion on the horizon. A cloud of dust is growing near as thousands rush toward the city like a hungry hive of mosquitos.

THE SWARM.From different directions they come, from different groups, networks and ideas…all destined for those locations in Glasgow; those they will reclaim, those they will subvert, those they will re-frame and re-fresh.

The Swarm is about creating a web of connections between active groups (in the largest sense) in Glasgow. What brings these groups together? They have fun, they enjoy challenging themselves and their surroundings, and have a tendency to search for boundaries … then move beyond them

do YoU SwaRm?

Tactics in responsiveness, spontaneity and collective activity. Webbing Glasgow and beyond in active communication, creation and action.

Come SwaRm! (Groups and individuals welcome.)”

Thursday 3rd May, 7-9pm, Landsdowne Church, Great Western Rd.Tuesday 8th May, 7-9pm, B4, The Arches.


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